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Meet your 2016-2017 Minnesota Section Leadership!

MNIFT Leadership Team 2016-2017

Sound Solutions 2016 - Co-Hosted by Iowa State and the Ultrasonic Industry Association (Register Now)

An upcoming workshop on ultrasonics and food processing will be held on Sept. 21-22 at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. The workshop, Sound Solutions 2016, will be co-hosted by Iowa State and the Ultrasonic Industry Association.

The workshop will cover:
• The use of ultrasonics for food security and quality assurance. This will include measuring food properties and phase detection, such as meat structure and fruit and vegetable ripeness, as well as a range of other topics. This will be a half day of seminars, demonstrations and laboratory tours followed by a dinner.
• The use of high power ultrasonics for food processing. This will include de-foaming, food cutting and packaging as well as fundamental concepts. This will be a half day of seminars, demonstrations and laboratory tours followed by a boxed lunch.

By attending this workshop, you will learn about the use of ultrasonics in the food processing industry, including the fundamental principles of ultrasonics and how this technology is being applied to enhance food processing and food quality assurance. You also will have the opportunity to network with others in your field as well as experts in ultrasonics. This workshop will help you determine if this exciting technology can improve your processes, products or enhance profits.

The workshop is co-sponsored by the Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS) and is chaired by David Grewell, director of the Center for Bioplastics and Biocomposites and affiliate of the Center for Crops Utilization Research (CCUR). The workshop will include tours of laboratories located at CCUR and CIRAS.

To register or for more information, visit

Dairy Plant Food Safety Workshop - Arden Hills (More Info & Registration)

The Dairy Plant Food Safety Workshop is being offered in Arden Hills, MN Oct. 25th and 26th at the Land O’ Lakes headquarters and is co-hosted by Glanbia Foods. Click here to view the flyer.

• Topics include pathogen control, environmental monitoring, sanitary design, corrective actions, sanitation, and food safety case studies
• The class is ideal for employees of medium to large companies. Most attendees are from corporate quality, food safety, R&D and processing plants (plant managers, quality, supervisors, sanitation, engineering, and maintenance)
• It is practical and applicable with a number of hands-on, interactive exercises including Best Practices (GMP, raw/RTE separation, sanitation, sanitary design, floors), Environmental Monitoring, and Corrective Actions exercises
• Significant learning comes from student interactions with peers from other companies and the subject matter expert trainers. This is a rare opportunity to share on a topic which protects public health and the industry
• Please see to register and for additional resources

Click here to register for the workshop in Arden Hills, MN

McHugh receives Macy Award

The Minnesota Section of IFT presented Dr. Tara McHugh with the 2016 Harold Macy Food and Science Technology Award, which recognizes outstanding food technology transfer or cooperation between scientists. Dr. McHugh had the opportunity to present “Innovative Food Processing for Fruits and Vegetables” to the section members and will also receive an honorarium. The award, which was established in 1981, honors Harold Macy, Dean Emeritus of the University of Minnesota and a founding member of IFT.
Dr. McHugh, a professional member of IFT, is a Team Leader at the USDA Western Regional ARS in Albany CA. Her research focuses is on developing innovative food processing technology in conjunction with industry and academia to produce commercially viable new fruit and vegetable products. Several of her patents have received commercial success. Of particular interest in the presentation was the use of ultra violet light to increase the Vitamin D levels in mushrooms. This topic sparked a lot of discussion at the meeting.

Tom Aurand, Chair of the Macy Award, Tara McHugh, Macy Award winner, Sharon Herzog, Chair of the Minnesota Section of IFT


Call for Dedicated Volunteers

Interested in making a difference in Minnesota Section of IFT and connecting with others in the food industry, academia and government? The Minnesota Section of IFT is made up of several committees and are in need of your help. Appointments for 2016-2017 are under consideration.

Click here to download the form and inform us of the committee you're interested in Send your entry to Mary Schmidl at


By becoming a member of the MN Section of IFT, you will gain a comprehensive view of what’s happening at the universities, industrial and government levels of the food sectors at the State Level through networking with your local colleagues who are just as motivated and committed as you are to develop a safe, wholesome, sustainable and healthy food supply.

There are IFT membership types to fit every phase of your career and several ways to join the MN section of IFT. Become a member by filling out an online application. Click here for the application.
Thanks to all MN IFT members that volunteered to run for office, and to all members that voted! Your energy and dedication is what makes this chapter stand out.

The results of our 2016 election are as follows:

Chair Elect - Beth Ann Nylander

Administration and Documentation Chair - Gary A. Reineccius

Membership Chair - Aimee Mortenson

Section Representatives:
John McDonald
Cheryl Bell
Dan Kennedy

Thank you to all those who were willing to be a part of the Executive Committee and participated in this years election. We are still looking for people to help on our committees. If you're interested in networking and volunteering, please contact Mary K. Schmidl This is your opportunity to make an impact on our Section.

Your Section – Section of Excellence!

We are pleased to announce that your section is being recognized as a 2015-2016 Section of Excellence! This recognition symbolizes the section’s commitment to IFT, section members, and the food science and technology profession. You are vibrant communities of dedicated professionals that embody the spirit of IFT. The events held throughout the year, exemplary volunteers, dedication to students, and excellence in leadership demonstrate ongoing devotion to ensuring that the sections will flourish for years to come.

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June 11, 2014June 11, 2014

On April 28th, MN-IFT held their annual Student Recognition Night to honor outstanding students of the section. Scholarship awards were presented to students in the following categories; Undergraduate, Graduate, Travel, and the Elwood F. Caldwell Volunteer Service.

The evening also recognized the winners of the Minnesota Academy of Sciences State Competition Award Winners. Congratulations to all of the outstanding recipients!!

Click Here to view the winners.