Broker Information

  • Each broker is assigned the same number of booths and locations you had at last year’s show. These booths will be held for you until 8/17/18 at which time any unused or remaining booths will be released.
  • Early bird registration goes through 8/17. Early bird price is $400. Registration after 8/17 is $450.
  • If your principals register individually please be sure they choose the appropriate broker at registration so that they are directed to your block of booths.
  • Once the correct broker is chosen, the list of available booths will be listed in red at the top of the page. The exhibitor can choose any booth that isn't already taken so it's important they choose only booths within their broker’s area.
  • If you want to reserve all of your own booths you can do so under your name and use the additional sign feature to list the companies you represent.
  • We encourage you to notify your principals of the new procedure so that we can guarantee correct placement.
Please contact with questions.

Suppliers' Expo Committee

Committee Chairs

Tina Hacker
Kerry Ingredients

Elana Schwartz
The Scoular Company

Committee Members

Lauren Gillman
General Mills

Nick Hartman
Christensen Group

Segolene Leclercq
General Mills

Beth Ann Nylander
Bellisio Foods, Inc.

Fern Panda
General Mills

Leslie Rask