Exhibitor Registration Information

The 2019 MNIFT Suppliers' Expo will be held on Tuesday, October 8th and booth setup begins at 10:30AM


  • Payment MUST accompany registration
  • If you closed out of the registration without paying for your booth you can click here to pay.
  • Early registration deadline is July 14, 2019. There is an additional cost for registrations received after July 14th
  • Advertising and Logos are not available for anyone registering after September 16, 2019

Badge Registration

10:30AM - 12:30PM Exhibitor Setup
1 - 5PM Show Hours
4PM Hors D'oeuvres & Social Hour

Venue Location
Minneapolis Convention Center
1301 Second Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55403
Click here for directions & parking

Booth Information
  • This is a table-top show; IFT Table Top Rules Apply
  • Booth size is 6x6 ft. with one 2x4 or 2x6 table and one chair
  • Booth charge is $400 through 7/14/2019 and $450 after
  • Booth includes one company sign, table, chair, and listing in the show directory
  • Additional signs can be purchased for $15 each
  • Additional chairs can be purchased for $15 each
  • Electricity (110V) is available for $150. MUST be arranged prior to show

Available Sponsorships

Table-Top Display Rules
  • Open Flames / Sterno is allowed but requires a special permit from the City of Minneapolis. The exhibitor is responsible for the documentation and fees. Use this link to fill out the required forms.
  • Educational sales literature
  • Samples of ingredients, additives or food products
  • Sales premiums, souvenirs, handouts, etc.
  • Instruments and/or equipment (if they can be self supporting and set on the table)
  • Free standing floor displays
  • Table-top displays exceeding 5 feet above table
  • Electrical appliances or displays (you may use sterno heaters with caution)
  • Solication, interviews, or distribution of literature outside the exhibitors booth
To arrange direct shipment of your exhibit to the Convention Center and information for return shipments, contact Core Expo at (651) 917-2632. The Convention Center WILL NOT accept shipments.

Online Registration Directions

  1. View the map by clicking on the registration link: > Suppliers' Expo 2019 Registration
  2. If you are with a broker, select them from the drop-down list, otherwise select "No Broker"
  3. Booths that are "green" are available. Booths that are "red" are already sold. Booths that are "yellow" are in process of being reserved. Booths that are "grey" are part of a broker block
  4. Booths can be held for 15 minutes and will be released if registration is not completed at the end of 15 minutes.
  5. If you want to reserve one booth you can either click on "Begin Booth Registration" or click on the green pin of the booth you'd like to reserve and "Click Here to Reserve" hyperlink.
  6. Choose the number of booths you want to reserve (1, 2, 3, or more)
  7. Insert the booth number.
  8. You will need to read and accept the payment terms to continue registration.
  9. If you accidentally exit the registration page you can continue registration by clicking on the booth icon on the map and supply the two words on the registration screen.
  10. You can also order electricity or an extra sign(s) in the payment system.
  11. You will need to provide the following information:
    1. # of booths
    2. Booth number(s)
    3. Company name, address, phone, and url
    4. Company contact name, title, and email (to be listed in the exhibitor guide)
    5. Exhibitor contact information (who we should contact with Suppliers' Expo 2019 info.)
    6. Max of 200 character company description
    7. Product or service category (choose from list)

Suppliers' Expo Committee

Committee Chairs

Tina Hacker
Land O’ Lakes

Michael Getter

Committee Members

Lauren Gillman
General Mills

Nick Hartman
Christensen Group

Segolene Leclercq
General Mills

Beth Ann Nylander
Bellisio Foods, Inc.

Elana Schwartz
The Scoular Company

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