Finance Committee

Committee Chair

Emily Grisbeck
Buffalo Wild Wings
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Kirsten Ruud
General Mills

Assistant Treasurer

Sarah Fahey

Committee Members

Dana Dronen (Advisor)
General Mills

Corinne Egan (Advisor)
General Mills

Finance Accountability Committee

Committee Chair

Dan Kennedy

Committee Members

Rusty Nelson

Mary Schmidl
University of Minnesota

MN IFT Finance Committee
Deposit Form

Please use this form to submit a Deposit for MN IFT-related activities.


  • Identify the committee for which the deposit is being made, not necessarily the office/committee that YOU represent.
  • Submit a separate voucher for deposit made for separate offices/committees.
  • No need to include pictures. Just type the check numbers and amounts (see example below)
  • Please mail all checks to:
    • Attn: Emily Grisbeck
    • 9000 Plymouth Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55427
  • Please do not mail cash deposits. For Cash Deposits, please contact
  • If you have any question please contact

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